Ferrari Has Back the Sole Right to Use the Testarossa Brand Name

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Sports car manufacturer Ferrari is again the only one allowed to use the Testarossa brand name. The European Court of Justice has ruled that.


In 2017, a German court ruled that Ferrari had not used the iconic name for too long and was therefore no longer protected.

The European Court has now ruled that a trademark remains valid as long as the owner still provides services or resells second-hand goods under that name.

Ferrari convinced the court that it is still carrying out maintenance and repairs for the Testarossa.

The Testarossa, Italian for a red head, was produced by Ferrari in the 1980s and 1990s. The sports cars have eye-catching doors reminiscent of egg-slicers, and they have folding headlights.

The car also played a prominent role in the US police show Miami Vice, which was shot in the 1980s.

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