Face Masks Compulsory in Public Transport in England

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In England, from 15 June, people are required to wear a mask in public transport. Grant Shapps, the British Minister for Transport, announced this on Thursday.


The masks are mandatory on buses, planes, trains and ferries.

As in the Netherlands, travellers must use non-surgical masks. “That doesn’t mean surgical masks, because we use them for clinical settings,” said Shapps.

“It’s about-face covering that you can easily make at home”.

The minister emphasized that the mouth masks do work against the coronavirus, “although limited”. Young children, disabled people and people with respiratory problems do not need to wear them, according to the BBC.

Face masks are not mandatory in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Great Britain is one of the most affected countries worldwide due to coronavirus. The country has nearly 40,000 corona deaths.

At least 280,000 people became known to be infected with the virus.

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