Deputy Prime Minister Wants to End Idiosyncratic Merkel Policy

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), Joachim Stamp, has accused Chancellor Angela Merkel of dictating corona policy as a monarch.


He anticipates Merkel’s Wednesday meeting with the sixteen state prime ministers, where policies against the coronavirus are outlined as usual.

Merkel is increasingly under fire for its resistance to rapid relaxation of the restrictive measures.

For example, Stamp threatens to open the daycare centres in NRW itself if no decisions are made on Wednesday in Berlin.

“We can’t be kept on the leash for another week and we’ll go our own way.”

He thinks that the federal states should decide for themselves how they should take measures or relax them because the virus has managed in different ways in the federal states.

According to him, consultations in Berlin should stop. It cannot be “a perpetual state of affairs that the Chancellor alone decides what works and what doesn’t work with the sixteen prime ministers.

You get the impression that they are at court,” complains Stamp.

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