Corona Vaccine Available to All Adults in France

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From Monday, there will no longer be an age limit for adults to receive a vaccine against the coronavirus in France.


Prime Minister Jean Castex announced this earlier this month. All residents of eighteen years of age or older are now eligible for a vaccine.

The initiation of vaccination for all adults is two weeks earlier than expected. It was initially planned for mid-June, but France is more than ever on the right track, according to the prime minister.

More than 25 million inhabitants of France have received their first corona pepper so far. This is almost 40 percent of the population. Nearly 12 million inhabitants, just over 20 percent of the population, have been fully vaccinated.

The corona situation across the country has improved significantly in recent weeks, allowing many measures to be relaxed. Non-essential businesses have been open again since May 19. Further relaxations are planned from June 9.

For example, cafes and restaurants may also reopen indoors under certain conditions. The number of people who are allowed to gather at sports competitions or cultural events will increase to 5000.

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