Chancellor Scholz Sees Russian Offensive Stall

The Russian offensive in Ukraine has stalled despite permanent attacks by the Russian armed forces, says German government leader Olaf Scholz. He asks the Kremlin to stop the hostilities immediately.


Scholz reiterated in a speech to the Bundestag that Germany continues to help Ukraine but does not want NATO to get involved in the conflict. So there will be no no-fly zone or NATO ‘peace troops’ in Ukraine.

Moscow has already warned that the deployment of ‘peacekeeping forces’ from NATO countries will immediately lead to a clash with Russia.

Scholz wants to avoid the risk of NATO and Russia getting into a possible nuclear conflict. He said the sanctions against Russia are causing a lot of damage to that country and that “more sanctions are constantly being worked on”.

According to Scholz, Russian President Vladimir Putin must face the truth: This war is destroying not only Ukraine but also Russia’s future.

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