British Health Minister Happy With the Speed of Vaccinations

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British health minister Matt Hancock is pleased with the pace of vaccinations in the country and notes that the first phase has been successfully completed.


Everyone over the age of 70 has been offered a vaccination, and 90 percent has responded positively to the offer. The country is now moving to the second phase of the vaccination program for the 65-70 age group.

Most of the other target groups of phase one have also been vaccinated. They are social workers, employees in health facilities, and other National Health Service (NHS). Hancock called it “a milestone on the road to freedom for all of us”.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke over the weekend of 15 million vaccinations delivered faster than expected while the number of new infection cases is falling significantly. Hancock will now target 32 million vaccinations in ten weeks.

Johnson’s government is negotiating the relaxation of corona measures. British media are already seeing the possibility that shops will reopen in a few weeks, and restrictions on freedom of movement and social contacts can be relaxed.

They assume that under certain circumstances, families can get back together for Easter, which falls on April 4 this year.

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