Bali Airport Open to Some Tourists, 5 Days of Quarantine

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The airport of Bali will receive international flights again from Thursday after months. After arrival in Indonesia, five days of quarantine is mandatory, three days less than before. Residents of eighteen countries are welcome, but which ones have not been announced.


Due to the corona pandemic, the island, which is very popular with tourists, was closed to foreign travellers for months. Still, the number of infections in Indonesia has steadily decreased in recent weeks.

Bali’s chief of tourism does not expect a large flow of tourists in the coming days. “The timing is too abrupt,” he said, according to the Bali Post. “Maybe we’ll see more tourists in November.”

Foreigners from the eighteen countries, all of which are known to exclude Singapore, can once again apply for a tourist visa for Indonesia, according to the government, a step aimed at national economic recovery.

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