Are Laguiole Knives Only Made In France?

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Laguiole is a brand, but it’s not a brand!

People have a significant discussion on this topic since the day it was populated worldwide. With this query comes numerous other questions as well, and some of them are:

  • Are all Laguiole knives genuine?
  • Do the Laguiole knives available worldwide made by a single manufacturer
  • And the most critical question is, are all Laguiole knives only made in France?

These are the main questions that, if answered, can omit numerous myths still alive among the people. So, let’s take a leap to these queries without any delay and find a concrete answer.


Many people believe that Laguiole is a registered brand. However, this isn’t reality!

The local shepherds initially made Laguiole knives of Laguiole village in Southern France. With time, they continued using these knives that improvised to high quality and became famous worldwide. Interestingly, the Laguiole isn’t any registered brand that permits a single manufacturer to sell its knives worldwide.

Many manufacturers attempted to register this name, but they end up with legal actions. This way, Laguiole knives’ heritage has remained the same without allowing any maker to register the brand.

Laguiole residents have aggressively protected its legacy, and the village name is still protected from getting registered by any maker.

Another big question that bombards your mind is whether all Laguiole knives are genuine or not! The answer is NO! As mentioned before, the Laguiole name isn’t registered till today that invites countless makes from across the globe to sell counterfeit products and make a profit. However, the reality is that not every Laguiole knife is genuine, so you must research well before making your investment.

Now comes the million-dollar question, do all Laguiole knives only made in France?

There has been a heated discussion on this topic, which is why the query is still unsolved. The origin of Laguiole knives is a small village, “Laguiole,” where locals invented this knife design, and since then, these knives have become popular worldwide.

However, with time, many manufacturers moved out of France and attempted to start promoting this heritage with the same skills. Interestingly, some makers are heartedly working hard to retain the heritage and tradition, but numerous other makers are manufacturing fake knives to make money.

That’s why even today, France is considered the only country where you can find authentic Laguiole knives. Apart from France, many other countries like China, America, etc., have manufacturers making Laguiole knives and selling them to the local buyers. However, they aren’t capable of delivering the same quality and quantity at the right price.

So, this piece of content will bring an end to the never-ending quarrel concerning the authentic Laguiole knives. What more do you want to know about these Laguiole knives? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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