Leonardo DiCaprio Keeps Fighting For Climate

Leonardo DiCaprio Keeps fighting for Climate. Leonardo DiCaprio (44) has once again expressed his support for Belgian climate truants.


The actor previously posted a message about them on Instagram.

Now he is supporting, “We have to keep fighting,” said in an interview.

“There must be some revolution because the private sector and governments ignore the voice of the people,” says DiCaprio.

“It is a fact that the next generation must bear the consequences, and they are aware of that.”

According to the actor, he can exert influence by posting something on social media,

 but he calls the striking students a lot more critical.

“I use my social media as a platform, but it only has support when people come out on the street.”

Through his Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, the star actor is committed to preserving the Amazon region.

“With my organisation, we are trying to support indigenous peoples.

They are protecting the Amazon forest, so we must help them to prevent it from disappearing forever.”

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