Instagram Adds An Option For Reporting Fake News

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Instagram Adds an option for Reporting fake News. Users of Instagram can report photos and videos with fake information via a new option.


Instagram owner Facebook also uses this feedback to improve its systems for recognising fake news.

Instagram has added a new feature to report photos and videos with fake information.

From now on, users can choose ‘Fake information’ via the three dots next to a post,

¬†under the existing options ‘Reporting’ and ‘It is inappropriate’.

Facebook uses information from the notifications to improve its systems that must use artificial intelligence to recognise fake news.

Instagram works with fact-checkers to check the messages.

The international rollout of the function is gradual, which means that Dutch users may not yet see it.

Not deleted after notification
If a message is reported as “fake,” it is not immediately deleted, a spokesperson for Instagram says.

The posts will then be shown less often in the Explore section and on the hashtag pages.

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