Netanyahu Sees the Operation in Gaza as A Great Success

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has described the military operation in the Gaza Strip as a great success.


He said during a press conference that his country’s goals had been achieved, according to the news site Times of Israel. According to Netanyahu, Hamas has suffered “maximum losses,” while casualties in Israel have been limited.

Following a ceasefire agreement, the prime minister said his country had killed “200 terrorists” above ground, including 25 top figures. “And those who survived know that we can reach them anywhere,” he told the news site. “Above or below the ground.”

The Israeli army has carried out massive bombing raids to destroy Hamas tunnels for the past week and a half. According to the authorities, many civilians were killed in the densely populated Gaza Strip, but according to Netanyahu, his country is doing everything possible to prevent innocent people from dying.

Israel eventually decided not to send ground troops to the Palestinian coastal area. “If I had thought it was necessary, I would have ordered it,” stressed the prime minister at the press conference. He also predicted there that Hamas would be more cautious about attacking Israel in the future.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad fired more than 4,300 missiles at Israel during the conflict and saw themselves as victors. In the Gaza Strip, thousands of people took to the streets partying after entering the file. “This is the euphoria of victory,” concluded a senior official, Khalil al-Hayya.

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