The Capital Washington DC Has Been Transformed into A High-Security Fortress

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The American parliament building in the capital Washington DC has been transformed into a high-security fortress. According to the security services, there are indications that conspiracy theorists would try to storm the Capitol again.


“It is people who suspect that former President Donald Trump will become president again today,” explains US correspondent Björn Soenens.

The Capitol, the parliament building, is extra protected because American security services warn of a possible new storm. For example, reports have been intercepted, indicating that extremist groups may want to move to the capital. And it is no coincidence that that happens today, on March 4.

“Until 1933, the official inauguration date for a new president was March 4,” explains US correspondent Björn Soenens.

“Then it was brought forward to January 20 to shorten the period between the elections and the swearing-in a bit. The QAnon conspiracy thinkers suspect that former president Donald Trump will be president of the United States again today.”

Supporters of the QAnon theories believe that members of the American elite, including politicians from the Democrats and people from the business world, the media or Hollywood, are involved in a plot against (now former) President Trump.

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