Fired from GitHub and GitLab

Both GitHub and competitor GitLab are putting people on the street. GitHub even wants to do without offices in the future.

GitLab wants to cut 7 percent of its workforce. The company does not give an exact figure, but according to CNBC, it concerns about 130 people. Techcrunch puts it at 114 people, based on stock exchange documents that speak of 1,630 employees in total.

At the same time, GitHub, now a Microsoft subsidiary, also comes with plans for dismissal. Here ten percent of the people have to leave in the course of this year. Again, no exact number is mentioned, but Microsoft blogger Paul Thurrott speaks of a total workforce of three thousand people, which translates to 300 redundancies.

GitHub currently has offices in San Francisco and Amsterdam, which will close in due course and allow staff to work remotely.

The rounds of layoffs are not unexpected; a lot of layoffs have been announced throughout the tech sector in recent months and, in particular, in recent weeks. Almost all of them point to the poor economic situation.

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