China Registers First Deaths Since the Lifting of Strict Corona Measures

China reported the first corona deaths on Monday since lifting strict measures under Beijing’s zero-covid policy. The number of coronavirus infections is currently exploding. Hospitals and crematoria are flooded.

After almost three years of draconian measures to contain the covid epidemic, the Chinese authorities made a 180-degree turn in early December. Most of the measures went into the trash. An unprecedented wave of protest was the reason.

However, due to the strict policy of recent years, few Chinese have built up immunity against the virus. Moreover, millions of elderly and vulnerable people are still unvaccinated. As a result, the number of corona cases is currently peaking. However, the authorities themselves admit that they cannot estimate the size of that wave. After all, corona tests are no longer mandatory.

Beijing reported two deaths on Monday, but the actual number of deaths may be many times higher. Witnesses report an increase in deaths in hospitals and crematoria.

Wu Zunyou, one of China’s best-known epidemiologists, warns that his country is only in the first wave of three he expects this winter.

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