Athletes Must Wear Their Medals at Games Themselves

Athletes who win a medal at the Olympics have to put that plaque around their neck. During the podium ceremony, the medals are presented to the winners on a tray. To avoid physical contact, the athletes must take the medal themselves.


Normally, dignitaries hang the medals around the neck of the athletes. However, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has decided to deviate from this in Tokyo due to the coronavirus.

“The medals are not hung around but presented on a tray,” said IOC President Thomas Bach. “The athlete can then take the medal himself.”

Bach emphasized that the people who put the medals on the trays do so with gloves on. Those who then offer the gold, silver and bronze plaque wear masks just like the athletes.

Shaking hands and hugging are prohibited during the ceremony. Furthermore, the public is not welcome at all sporting events in Tokyo.

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