Video Conferencing Company Zoom Revenues Quadrupled Year on Year

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Video conferencing company Zoom has managed to quadruple its revenues for the second quarter in a row compared to a year earlier.


That it was a good year for Zoom, this must be evident from the quarterly figures of the video conferencing specialist.

In the third quarter, the company brought in $ 777.2 million in revenue, four times more than the same period last year. This makes it the second quarter in a row in which Zoom has quadrupled its income.

The popularity of the service, which is one of the more intuitive ways to remotely video call each other, exploded early this year when several countries went into lockdown. And despite a series of scandals and privacy concerns, Zoom seems to be maintaining that success too.

The company now says it has 433,700 subscribers with more than ten employees. Last quarter there were still 370,200. The actual number of users is not included.

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