Russia Threatens to Expel Journalist or US News Medium

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The Russian foreign ministry threatens to expel a journalist or a news medium from the United States if YouTube blocks another press conference from the ministry.


A warning about this has been sent to the American video platform.

Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said some of her weekly briefings have been blocked by YouTube. At those press moments, she shares information about, among other things, the war in Ukraine, described by the Russian authorities as a ‘special military operation’.

The spokeswoman also targeted Polish media. Zakharova claims that “everything is controlled by a woman of Polish nationality”, referring to the origin of YouTube top woman Susan Wojcicki. “Given Poland’s position, we should not stop at the United States.” Like the Americans, Poland is also vehemently against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

YouTube has removed multiple accounts from pro-Russian media since the Russian invasion began. Western countries have also taken steps against Russian media. For example, RT and Sputnik are not accessible in some countries.

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