London Police Arrest Seven Men Who Live-Stream Castrations from Their Basement for A Fee

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Police in London in December arrested seven men suspected of having filmed and broadcast live how they were castrated and how genitals were surgically removed. To see that, viewers had to pay. British media report that.


“Between Tuesday 7 and Friday 10 December 2021, officers searched a home in Finsbury Park (in north London),” said a London police spokesman, “as part of an investigation into alleged serious mutilation of bodies.”

The officers found seven people in the apartment. In the basement of the apartment building, they have filmed castrations and surgical removals of genitals and broadcast them live for payment via an account on Twitter.

The practices are said to be linked to a subculture in which people have their genitals removed to no longer fit into a gender box. They are ‘nullos’, which is an abbreviation of genital nullification.

Six of the seven – in their thirties, forties, fifties and sixties – have since been released on bail; the seventh – a 44-year-old man – is still in custody. They are said to have been inspired by the Japanese Mao Sugiyama, an artist who had his penis and testes removed nine years ago. He would also have his nipples removed.

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