Intel is Pumping An Extra Half Billion Dollars into the Vietnamese Factory

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Intel has invested $ 475 million in a factory in Vietnam, on top of a previous investment of $ 1 billion.


It concerns a chip assembly and production facility in Saigon, the construction of which was announced in 2006, at the time investment of one billion dollars.

Intel is announcing that it invested an additional $ 475 million in the factory in the second half of last year. It currently employs 2,700 people, including on 5G products, processors with Intel’s Hybrid Technology and the Intel Core CPUs of the 10th generation.

The choice to expand the site in Vietnam is no coincidence. In recent years, diplomatic tensions between China and the US have risen sharply, making (cheap) production in China more difficult.

That is why some American players such as Apple and now Intel are also shifting their production to other countries such as Vietnam.

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