Hackers Make Blockfolio Hate-Spitting App

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While the bitcoin price is already reaching new heights, the popular crypto app Blockfolio has been hacked. Users were shown downright racist and pornographic messages.


Anyone who owns bitcoins or other crypto coins is also familiar with Blockfolio: one of the most used apps to check your digital wallet’s status. The app has been systematically expanded in recent months with new functionality, including Signal: a communication platform through which the team behind a crypto coin can share messages in the app.

And things went wrong this morning. Hackers managed to break into Signal and send messages to Blockfolio users. Especially hateful messages. Like the false message that blacks would no longer be able to access Blockfolio. Links to child pornography were also included in the messages.

In some cases, those messages were also ‘pushed’ to users via notifications. For example, some users saw the bitcoin icon in the app suddenly replaced by a porn image. Others suddenly followed the ‘Nigga Coin’.

In a tweet, Blockfolio quickly confirmed the hack, emphasising that only the messaging panel has been affected. Funds and money transactions would not have been compromised.

Because that is also a functionality that Blockfolio just added: the possibility to buy crypto coins directly via the app. Users can also have the app sync with their exchange platform such as Coinbase. But the attackers would not have touched that.

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