EU Accuses Russia of Cyber Attacks

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The European Union says it may be taking action against Russia over hacking activities. This includes the so-called ‘Ghostwriter’ campaign that was supposed to manipulate the German elections.


It has been known for some time that Russia uses all kinds of cyber agents, but the EU is now explicitly pointing the finger at the country because of the Ghostwriter campaign. The organization reports this in a press release.

During that campaign, several MPs, government officials, politicians and journalists were attacked, including hacking into their computers and personal accounts. Data would also have been stolen, according to the European Council.

In the communication, the Council also states that ‘further steps’ will be taken, but the organization does not elaborate on those steps. Specific incidents are also not discussed, but she seems to be partly inspired by the elections in Germany last weekend.

Germany reported earlier this month that the Ghostwriter campaign used “traditional cyberattacks, combined with disinformation” to influence those elections. The country links the campaign to the Russian military espionage service GRU.

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