Biden Receives Unofficial Briefing From Security Experts

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The upcoming US president Joe Biden will be updated by security experts in his hometown of Wilmington on Tuesday.


This is not an official briefing on national security, as the responsible government agency GSA has not yet designated the Democrat as the winner of the election.

Biden must prepare for the presidency and is forced to seek advice from experts who have worked for the administration of Barack Obama, the predecessor of current President Donald Trump.

According to an initiate, the Democrat is also supported by people who have left the government in recent years.

The transfer of power is difficult because President Trump refuses to admit defeat. American media have concluded that the victory can no longer escape Biden and many foreign leaders have already congratulated the Democrat. Trump, however, insists fraud has been committed to denying him a second term in office.

Critics warn that it could be detrimental to the interests of the country if Biden is not allowed to prepare properly. Trump’s former Chief of Staff, former General John Kelly, told the news site, Politico, that it is “insane” to delay the transfer of power.

“I know Mr Trump better than most people. I know he will never admit defeat and he doesn’t have to here at all,” Kelly emphasized. “He only has to do what is best for the country. What is in the interests of the country.”

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