Apple May Not Postpone Modified App Store Rules From Judge

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Apple cannot delay a court-mandated change to its App Store policy. So the tech company had to give app makers the option from December 9 to let their users know that they can take out cheaper subscriptions elsewhere via a website.


Apple had requested a postponement because the company has appealed but is now being blunt.

The obligation stems from Epic Games’ lawsuit against Apple. The software company behind the popular game Fortnite found that Apple’s rules for the App Store amounted to an abuse of power.

For example, software makers have to pay Apple a 30 percent commission on every transaction through the App Store and are obliged to use Apple’s own payment system for this. Nor may they point to cheaper ways of taking out subscriptions. Many software makers charge a cheaper rate outside the App Store because they don’t have to pay a commission there.

According to the judge, Apple had “selectively read” the ruling and ignored parts that supported the mandatory change. The judge rejected the request for a postponement. Apple was largely right in the case against Epic. The tech giant continued to disagree with the judge’s decision and announced that it would also appeal for the suspension of the measure.

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