A Rare Pokémon Card Raised $ 90,000 At An Online Auction in the United States

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A rare Pokémon card raised $ 90,000 at an online auction in the United States.


According to the auction house Heritage Auction, a collector paid that amount for a so-called Trainer card that gave access to a secret tournament in 1999.

That special ticket was the top prize in regional qualifying events. Since there were seven there at the time, Heritage assumes the same number of this type of map exists.

The auctioned copy is in a protective case and is in excellent condition. The name of the buyer has not been disclosed.

The trading card game Pokémon was introduced at the end of the last century and became extremely popular in a short time.

As a rule, rarer and more expensive cards offer more significant winning opportunities. A digital version of the game was also released in 2011.

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